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WiFi Tools

WiFi Tools is a great app by WiFi Us team to help you manage your WiFi router and get insights of your own WiFi network.
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Free of charge

Completely free with less ADs.

Fully control your own network

Fast scan on local network and WLAN. Show detailed information of each connected device.

Recommand To Use

Intuitive UI interface, with easy access to the router admin dashboard.

Light but powerful

  • Do you want to see how many devices connected to your WiFi? And do you know exactly who they are?
  • WiFi Tools helps you to quickly assess who is on your network.
  • Do you want to monitor if your children are sneaking to surf internet instead of learning?
  • Easily setup a parental controlled network with the help of WiFi Tools(a router with such feature is also required).
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Download WiFi Tools for free!

Fully control your WiFi network!

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